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Why DataAlign

Having masses of unstructured data scattered across laptops, desktops, and mobile devices is an ever growing pain for a business. With time scarcity and insufficient security measures to protect these valuable data assets, we decided to create a competent solution that can not only assist you to organise your data, but secure it with military-grade encryption.


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Easy to use

DataAlign has been designed with you in mind. You wouldn't require any technical skiil or IT degree to use it. Simply, upload your data and the technology will do the rest, enabling you to focus on what really matters; your business. Our dedicated support is readily available to answer any questions that you may have.

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Discover Files Like A Search Engine

Think of an important meeting or presentation that you have to join but cannot find your files. Why waste time looking through folders, when you can get relevant results in split second by entering keywords. With DataAlign you can do just that and more. It also allows you to preview the sentence in which the keyword has been used - much similar to a search engine.

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Watch Media Files Like Netflix

If you are a business with a Youtube channel or a media company, the volume of video content being generated expands every year. We understand this and that is why our advanced technology allows you to stream any video or audio without any pauses or buffering. DataAlign supports hundred's of media formats including the most famous HD, 4K, 3D, WAV and mp3.


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Intelligent Filters

DataAlign intuitively analyses any image uploaded to the platform and that helps you to save time and effort by searching camera type, resolution, location, date taken, dominant color and more. It also gives you the option to add your own tags and that allows you to organise your photos in a better manner.

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Save Money

We not only keep your valuable data and assets safe, secure and easily accessible but our priority also stays in providing cost effective solution to save you money in the long run. Costly IT resources such as on-premise and overpriced storage equipment’s are need of the past. All you need to do is to pay for the on-demand secure storage as per your requirement.


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SLA & Support

Our Cloud services are available on demand and always up and running. We ensure 99.9% uptime for our cloud services. This ensures un-interrupted data transfers and practically no downtime.

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We have served users worldwide in a span of more then year, all of whom use and trust our products, Some of our prestigious clients include Harvard University, Dell, Acer, AOS and several others.


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Convert Scanned PDFs

Locating scanned documents can consume critical time away from your workflow. Not just it is time consuming but results in loss of productivity. We have rectified this complication with our Optical Character recognition software, which can convert scanned document into searchable data and can extract text from a JPEG or TIFF image.

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