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With the exponential volume of data that gets generated on a daily basis, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed. To avoid the hassles of time consuming searches we have built some handy tools to help you pinpoint your files quickly.

Smart Filters

For better experience we believe in getting our users the freedom in finding and organizing their data. We have added our Smart Filters feature which is an intelligent layer to the photo discovery tool. To help user's accelerate their workflow we have designed it to pinpoint any media files in seconds. How it works? As soon as the image is uploaded, the technology will analyze the content, giving users the freedom to search by quality, camera type, location, date, and size and footage length. It even allows search by dominant color in photographs.


A screenshot of DataAlign Cloud Backup Cloud that shows how users can search their images.


How businesses use and access information can get drastically impacted with effective data management. Tagging feature was introduced as a forward thinking approach. working on multiple files that belongs to a project? Instead of putting your memory to the test, categorize them by adding one or more tags. You can take an intelligent approach to file management even if you are a doctor, lawyer or a mortgage advisor.


A screenshot of DataAlign Cloud Backup Cloud that shows how users can search their images.

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