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Quick, Fast, Secure

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Automatic Backup

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Free email and phone support


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Content Search (eDiscovery)

distinct feature of DataAlign is that it automatically sorts and categorizes your files for you.

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Media Aware

One of the biggest and never ending challenges for a business is to find a solution that can help store the ever increasing volume of data.

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A.I. Photo Detection

Amount of digital images we produce keeps on snowballing with passing time.

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Facial & Photo Recognition

At DataAlign, we believe in empowering our customers with the latest technology.

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OCR Discover

Searching for scanned documents can be tiresome and time-consuming.

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Complete Audit

All the Security relevant data performed onthe system are chronologically recorded using the audit log functionality of DataAlign.

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SaaS File Discovery

Amount of data scattered across multiple services has increased manifolds dues to the rise of SaaS.



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Simple Administration

Without having you to leave your seat, DataAlign offers centralized administration console.

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Smart Filters & Tagging

To avoid the hassles of time consuming searches we have built some handy tools to help you pinpoint your files quickly.

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Storage Types

To help businesses find the most affordable solution we have introduced 4 storage types.



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Intelligent Archiving

DataAlign Intelligent Archive provides low-cost lifetime storage with real-time instant access to what matters.

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Remote Restore

If you are on the run, and need files located on various devices, then DataAlign Intelligent is your answer.

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Mobile Apps

Boost collaboration and productivity with DataAlign Intelligent.

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Sharing your files with colleagues and clients has never been easier.



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Backup Everything (Unified intelligent cloud)

All data located on computers, tablets, smartphones, external drives, servers, network devices and even cloud services, such as Dropbox, are imported into DataAlign.

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MS SQL Backup

Databases are central to the success of any business. Failure to protect them can have catastrophic consequences.

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Automatic Protection

With our automatic protection feature, we’ve made it easier to backup any new or amended file.

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DataAlign Intelligent resides on the world renowned Amazon’s AWS Cloud trusted by Fortune 100 companies and the US government.

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SaaS Protection

Data loss are two words that strike fear into the hearts of IT professionals everywhere. You need a reliable partner to back up your SaaS data.

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DataAlign Import/Export

DataAlign Import/Export service allows you to securely send your data directly to our data centers.

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Whatever your device, we’ve got your back

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