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One of the biggest and never ending challenges for a business is to find a solution that can help store the ever increasing volume of data. Media content such as photos, videos and audio files constitutes of 60-80% of stored content. We understand that your business needs a cost-effective way to store and locate these files and that too with a click of a button. DataAlign offers handsdown way to access all of your media files on-demand within one integrated solution.


DataAlign supports a large number of poular media file types such as RAW images, 2K, 4K, 3D, and HD videos, and numerous audio files. Please refer to the below link for the complete list of supported file extension xxx.xxx.com


Using our state of art technology we provide media discovery and storage that can eventually help you reduce costs by more than 60%.

A screenshot of DataAlign Intelligent Cloud that shows how users can search their images.

Stream Videos On-Demand

We optimize all of your videos, photos and audio files to be fully viewable using our superior transcoding technology, no matter what the file size is. For example, if you upload a 4K video file, DataAlign tool will create an optimized version(s) that can be streamed with no interruptions and shared to any computer or smart device.

Smart Filters

You get to pinpoint any media file without the trouble of going through time-consuming searches. Our platform extracts the metadata, allowing you to further narrow search results by:

  • Tags
  • Date taken
  • Camera type
  • File size
  • Dominant color in pictures
  • Bitrate
  • Quality
  • Duration

and much more.


Media Preview

DataAlign gives you the ability to hover over any video file to get a sample preview of that file, thus avoiding the need to download the full size video or click to play the optimized video for faster loading and easier sharing. You also get the functionality to preview audio and photos.

Mobile Friendly

DataAlign helps protect files from any device. With the ease of login from smartphone, tablet or computer, all of your data will be analyzed, organized and indexed within our advanced architecture without any impact on the performance of your device.


Hot/Cold Storage

Media files take up a large storage space and can utilize up to 80% of the entire data storage resources. Proper protection is required on these trusted files and that too without breaking the bank. You may choose to store the data as per your requirement and this is the reason why we have combined Hot (instant) and Cold (archive) storage. This helps to provide a low-cost solution to store your valuable content. Hot storage offers instant retrieval and streaming whereas with Cold storage, you can secure all your media assets for a lifetime.


Import / Export:

Worried about 100’s of TB that needs to be backed up. No problem, you can ship the data directly to us any time and we will process it and ensure that it is being backed up. You may send your own hard disks or use Amazon AWS Snowball.


Tagging media file makes it easy for future instant search and retrieval. For example, you may tag a video file that belongs to a case by a specific tag and you will be able to view and stream it instantly using that same tag. In near future, you will be able to perform the same task from your mobile or tablet.


Sharing and streaming:

Sharing a media file with anyone becomes super easy as the shared file can be viewed instantly from any device connected to the Internet.

Optimized Restore:

DataAlign enabled optimized video, music and photo restores for quicker recovery. You can still opt for full size version, if required.


Designed for Massive data

DatAlign, with our patent pending massive data technology, can simultaneously handle 10’s of millions of transactions per single account, whether it is at client side or back end processing.

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Physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices cloud backup.

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