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July 18, 2017

Imagine, one of the programmer from your Software development team who is officially working on building a leading design software loses his laptop while returning home from work. To your surprise, the laptop has the source codes that you can never imagine to lose or have your rivals get a hand on it.

You would breathe a sigh of relief if the laptop in question was encrypted, as this will ensure that no one will be able to get into the information stored in the laptop's drive. But what if the laptop is not encrypted, you stand at the brink of losing practically a huge amount of money if the information gets in to the hands of someone with evil intentions.

Although threats to business data are everywhere—think ransomware, hard drive failure, theft, user error, and more—you can prevent data loss (and avoid fines for non-compliance!) by backing up your data and ensuring that your backups are occurring on a regular basis.

Be it a case of lost laptop, spilled coffee on it, or maybe the Hard drive on it crashed. With DataAlign backup service you can restore all your files to a new computer from the dedicated and secured Cloud storage.

You may have been hearing about the recent Ransomware attack that has hit computers across the globe. One fine evening, you see a message flashing on your screen “Your confidential data on this computer is encrypted. Pay to get the decryption key". Bam! Your computer is infected too. Nothing to worry, with DataAlign to your rescue, we will ensure that you are able to restore your data on the machine after the infection has been cleaned on it. In the event of ransomware attack or for that matter any virus attack, you can recover data to a point prior to the attack.

All electronic and mechanical devices eventually fail, and computer hard drives (even solid-state drives) are no exception. If you knew exactly when or how this was going to happen, you could plan a precise solution. But because you don't, redundancy is key. So if the one hard drive in your computer is prone to mechanical failure, it makes sense to have another drive on your desktop with duplicate data. That drive is just as likely to fail, though.

What if you lost your family photos, tax records, documents, home videos, music, and saved games not because of a misaligned read/write head but because of a flood or a robbery or a house fire that wiped out both drives at the same time? Preparing for such a disaster calls for a different level of redundancy and a solution that includes backup in the cloud. DataAlign Cloud solution again comes to your rescue as it allows constant backup of your data to the secured cloud storage and also provides file versioning feature.

Whatever your device, we’ve got your back

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