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A.I. Photo Detection

Amount of digital images we produce keeps on snowballing with passing time. In a single event, thousands of pictures can be taken. As a photographer, trying to recall what’s included in every snap is just not possible. This was one of the reasons we introduced a feature that’s elevating image discovery to a whole new level.


A screenshot of DataAlign Intelligent Cloud that shows how users can search their images.

What is Photo Detection?

It is a feature that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help you discover photos by the objects that appear within them.

How Does It Work?

Search for phrases like ‘glass’, ‘balloon’, ‘family’ or ‘marriage’ and our technology will serve up the matching results in split seconds. It is quick and being accurate at the same time. This functionality is currently not available within traditional backup service tools.


Tag Cloud

As photography is a visual medium so it makes sense to add a tag cloud that will render a dynamic illustration of what photos you like to take. Number of times a specific tag has been assigned to images determines the size of that tag.

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