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You work with a high volume of sensitive data. Losing that data would be catastrophic. The confidence of your clients would diminish.


DataAlign Cloud Backup Cloud offers a safe and compliant service that can safeguard your financial information, allowing you to focus on serving your client’s needs.

Why Choose DataAlign Cloud BackUp?


Ultra-secure platform


Save money


Share data securely


Secure & compliant


Computer and mobile access anytime, anywhere

What we Offer ?



Financial File Support

DataAlign offers a smart selection tab that allows you to automatically backup your Quicken, QuickBooks and Peachtree files with no hassle.



Versioning & Data Retention

If you accidentally remove a file, don’t worry, you can still restore it with our versioning service. You can restore as many versions as you like. You can also choose how long you want to keep your data for.


Real-Time Reporting

Transparency is integral to the success of any accounting firm. DataAlign Cloud Backup provides a complete auditing tool to track user activity in real-time. Ensure the integrity of your data and get a complete overview of your account.



A Secure & Compliant Solution

If you accidentally remove a file, don’t worry, you can still restore it with our versioning service. You can restore as many versions as you like. You can also choose how long you want to keep your data for.

Features Built for Accounting Firms


Instant File Discovery


Intelligent Archiving

Zero Data Loss

SQL Backup

PDF Content Search

Share Data Securely

A.I Places

Complete User Management

Instant File Discover


Need to find a file for a client or meeting? Instead of relying on a file naming convention, improve your workflow by searching the content of your documents.


Intelligent Archiving


Accounting firms are legally obligated to retain data for a set number of years. Many choose to archive this information into Cold Storage. The only drawback is the 3-5 hours it takes to retrieve a file.

Not anymore! Our Intelligent Archiving capability is the perfect blend of Hot and Cold storage, enabling accounting firms to store files for life and instantly retrieve it at a very low cost.


Zero Data Loss


Never worry about losing your files. Whether you connect your hard drive, server, mobile device or even your Dropbox, you can rest assured that our solution can secure your data.

It’s a legal requirement to have a backup service for your Dropbox and Box accounts.


SQL Backup


Computer or hardware failure can strike at any time. To ensure your database remains safe from this, we’ve implemented a simple SQL backup feature to guarantee that your files remain always available and secure.


PDF Content Search


Got a mountain of documents that you need to organize or search through? Thanks to our Optical Character Recognition engine, you can seamlessly search through PDFs by keywords or phrases.

Share Data Securely


DataAlign is built with enterprise-class security, which means you can safely share any confidential documents with colleagues or clients with a click of a button.

Remember, all your files are protected with military-grade encryption.


Automatic Protection


Any files uploaded will be automatically backed up without interrupting your workflow. You can also opt in to receive backup reports every day.


Complete User Management


Monitor your team and stay in control. Central admin features let you monitor who does what with corporate data. Access policies ensure your data can only be accessed on your terms.

More Features

Physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices cloud backup.

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